Best Rated Handheld Vacuum: The Eureka EasyClean 71B

Dirty CarpetInvesting in a quality handheld vacuum machine is always considered a great decision any homeowner should make. Apart from saving you the hassle of having to drag out your full-size vacuum to clean up messes, its portability and maneuverability is superb plus it takes up very little storage space.

If you are searching for a top handheld vacuum, then the Eureka EasyClean 71B is your best bet.


  • Dimensions- 15 by 7 by 7 Inches.
  • Weight- 5 Pounds.
  • Deluxe Stretch Hose to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • Features 2 motors. 1 powers revolving brush and the other offers suction.
  • Onboard Crevice tool.
  • Riser Visor Nozzle for carpeted stairs.
  • 20 Foot power cord.
  • Motorized on/off revolving brush roll.
  • Bagless.


  • Its 20-foot power cord is long enough to ensure larger cleaning radius. It also wraps around the back of this cleaner for easier storage.
  • Though handheld, this machine comes with 2 powerful motors ; one that keeps the revolving brush powered and another that generates a powerful 5.5 Amp suction. This makes it suitable for deep cleaning and also removal of pet hair.
  • It’s 5 Pound weight allows for easier portability and maneuverability. This light weight makes cleaning of hard-to-reach areas like areas above the floor including drapes and the ceiling easier. It can be used by people confined to wheelchairs or the aged since it is not heavy so as to inflict pain or injury.
  • It also features the Riser Visor nozzle , basically a clear plastic cover that flips up to allow the revolving brush to clean vertical surfaces and stays down for cleaning of horizontal surfaces. This makes cleaning of carpeted stairs possible at all angles.
  • The Motorized on/off Revolving Brush Roll allows it to pick up dirt from any kind of surfaces. This makes it the vacuum of choice for both upholstery, carpeted areas and bare floors.
  • It comes with an onboard crevice tool that makes cleaning of edges and other tight spots possible thus achieving a spotless clean.
  • It also features a Deluxe Stretch hose that stretches up to 3 times its length. This allows for easier cleaning of hard-to-reach areas like drapes and ceilings. This hose wraps around the body of this vacuum thus saving on storage space.
  • It is small and compact thus making storage easier. It can be placed on a shelf or cabinet or even under your bed as it easily fits in small spaces.
  • Its transparent dirt cup is easy to remove, empty and replace and it is also easier to determine when it’s full and needs to be emptied. Since it is bagless, replacement costs are also saved.
  • It comes with a washable filter thus reduced replacement costs.


  • Corded. This may not be so much of a disadvantage as the long power cord makes up for its lack of a rechargeable battery. Though, being cordless means limitations in terms of cleaning due to over dependence on power.

With a combination of great suction provided by the 2 motors, the Riser Visor nozzle and the Revolving brush roll technology among other properties, this vacuum’s worth is way much higher than its price tag and is a great bargain for every homeowner, especially pet owners.

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