Best Vacuums For Removing Pet Hair From Furniture

Pet Hair on HardwoodA spotlessly clean home is a dream come true for any human being and for this to be achieved, one should strive to clean each and every part of the house.

Ironically, pets also enjoy living in a clean environment though their owners usually have a very hard time cleaning up messes caused by them shedding off too much fur, especially on furniture and carpets.

Finding the ideal vacuum for your cleaning needs will always make vacuuming your house a joy rather than a job. Here are the two most respected vacuums for removing pet hairs from furniture.

1. Eureka EasyClean Corded Handheld Vacuum 71B

Measuring 15 by 7 by 7 Inches and weighing 5 Pounds, this small compact vacuum hosts 2 motors; one powering the revolving brush as the other provides a 5.5 Amp suction. A combination of its motorized on/off revolving brush roll and the powerful 5.5 Amp suction makes it the best choice for cleaning up pet hairs from furniture and carpets.

It comes with a deluxe stretch hose that is able to stretch up to 3 times its length. This makes it possible to clean hard-to-reach areas. This vacuum cleaner also features an onboard crevice tool that is used for cleaning tight spots and also crevices. Though it is corded, it comes with a 20 Inch power cord, long enough for a handheld vacuum. Its small size and weight make it more portable and maneuverable thus making cleaning of furniture and other areas above the floor easier and also saves on storage space. It is bagless and comes with a transparent dirt cup that allows you to determine exactly when it needs to be emptied.

Its motorized on/off revolving brush roll also allows this vac to pick up dirt from a variety of surfaces, both hard and soft, or smooth and rough making it ideal for cleaning of both upholstered furniture and non-padded furniture. Ever heard of the Riser Visor technology? Well, this vacuum comes with this amazing feature which is mainly a clear plastic cover that flips up for the revolving brush roll to clean up vertical surfaces and stays down to allow cleaning of horizontal surfaces. This makes cleaning of all parts of furniture at any angle possible. If you are worried about the quality of the air around your home, this vac comes with a washable filter that will solve your air purification needs while saving on dirt bag replacement costs.

2. Bissel Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum 33A1

The Bissel Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Corded Vacuum has been on the top of the list of highest rated pet vacuums for so long and a quick search for the best pet hair vacuum over the internet will lead you to this vacuum. Its dimensions are a mere 10 by 5 by 8 Inches and for anyone afraid of pulling out their regular vacuum, this vacuum can be of great help to you.

It weighs just 4.2 Pounds thus can be lifted higher enough to clean furniture and areas above the floor without causing strain or pain. It comes with an ergonomically designed easy-grip handle that allows access to the on/off switch using the fingertip. It comes with a 16 foot power cord, not so bad for a handheld vacuum and also features a cord wrap that keeps the cord wrapped neatly around the vacuum’s body when not in use.

This handheld vacuum is made more versatile and effective by the inclusion of two specially designed nozzles that can be easily interchanged by pressing on the nozzle-release button and snapping the other nozzle in place. The hard nozzle is meant for hard surfaces like tiled suraces, hardwood surfaces and concrete surfaces while the flexible rubber nozzle pulls ot dirt from upholstery, stairs and carpeted surfaces thus making this vacuum effective in removal of pet hairs from furniture.

It comes with a multi-level filtration system that keeps the air free from dirt, dust, pet hairs, pet dander and allergens. Its suction power is made powerful and constant by the cyclonic cleaning system that keeps the filter free from dirt thus keeping its suction high even when the dirt cup is full while keeping the dirt particles intact within the dirt cup. Its 4 Amp power rationg is also reason for its powerful suction. It is easier to use, empty and have its parts replaced and its transparent dirt cup makes it possible to know when to empty it.

Thses two vacuum cleaners are the best in the market for anyone who owns a pet. This is because pets love warmth and they can only find it on your carpets, furniture or at the comfort of your laps thus it’s very common to have pet hair all over your furniture. Invest in one of these and you will never have a reason to regret.


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