Why I Bought a Handheld Vacuum For My Elderly Mother

dusty roomMy mother lives alone in a small house away from the city. I realized that at some point in her life, doing basic household cleaning tasks became a nightmare due to her ailing and of course aging body. Definitely something had to be done to enable her continue with her daily cleaning duties with less efforts.

I thought of paying her a visit during the last Christmas holidays just to see how she was fairing on and just keep her company for a short while. That is when I realized she needed some attention. The house was a bit dusty and I couldn’t imagine what I saw under the beds and seats. She didn’t have it in her to clean like she used to, which is not good for her health.

In her small store were some old heavy weight vacuum cleaners she formerly used before she developed some back pains. That is when I decided to look through a number of handheld vacuum reviews and find her the most convenient and lightweight cleaner I could find.

This Settled All Her Cleaning Stress

This particular handheld vacuum is light in weight since it is approximately 1.5 kgs. It is a multi purpose device which can be used for several tasks like:

  1. Cleaning different floor services like cemented, tile, wooden and the like.
  2. Carpet cleaning
  3. Stairs clean-out
  4. Car cleaning
  5. Dusting ceiling boards

I Considered Her Comfort More Than Anything Else

I couldn’t imagine my mom bending all over straining to get the mess under her bed fixed. Her hands are weakly and require cleaning effortlessly and comfortably. I like lightweight vacuums for its ease to use and for making those cleaning moments a joy to my dear mom who would not be able to handle a full size cleaner the same way.

The Package Is Just Awesome

I realized that all what mother needed was an all in one gadget that is easy to use and would allow her to clean with it regularly without straining herself. Think of the bendable horses, crevice tools and soft brushes for flexibility purposed. Though it has a smaller dust capacity of around 0.5 liters; that is okay with her small house.

I found it quite affordable and I can advice my friends to buy it and save money. I like the efficiency and quality job it does without leaving ugly marks on the surface. It has the ability to clean all sorts of dirt as well as clearing out wet spills.

Why I opted for a cordless handheld model

Since she doesn’t have bulky job, it only takes few minutes to do the job if an efficient vacuum is used. A fully charged battery takes approximately 25 minutes. The cordless one is flexible since it can be used without distance limit and has light indicators to show when the battery is getting out of charge.

It requires no big storage space thus reducing store congestion. She charges the battery at her own time and keeps it ready for use. She is generally an organized elderly lady.

They gave us a good warranty period and can return to the dealers in case it fails to function as indicated within the warranty period. These are genuine dealers and have all the replacement parts available in case of any damage.

Since then, my mom enjoys her household duties and she enjoys doing work just like any other lady does. Her back pain issues are clearing out and we have noticed remarkable improvements in her health including the wrists, knees and elbows.

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