Tips For Cleaning a Carpet by Hand

Environmental well-being is a critical aspect of human life that should be considered if one is to stay safe from health issues such as respiratory illnesses. A surrounding full of dust can be very dangerous and threatening to health especially if minimal measures are put in place to reduce carcinogens that may be found in dirt.

With the wave of new technology, preferences have shifted to sophisticated household items such as carpets in a bid to improve the outlook and the aesthetic design of homes. Cleaning, therefore, becomes a prerequisite as these items capture and retain dust. Although myriad companies have come up with enhanced ways of cleaning carpets (vacuuming among others), hand cleaning has been used by many households owing to its cheapness as well as the convenience that comes with it.

This article seeks to explore comprehensively some of the tips that can be used to carry out hand-carpet-cleaning.

Hand Cleaning CarpetAs a matter of fact, minimizing cost while maximizing benefits is/should be the primary aim of any sane person conscious of the economic situation in our society. While cheap may be expensive as often clich├ęd, it is significant one handles their carpets with utmost consciousness. Carpet cleaning can be extremely expensive particularly if services of companies that charge exorbitant fees are sought. Here are a number of techniques and tips that can be used to cleaning carpets:

  • Whisk: This involves deep scrubbing the carpets to ensure ‘tough’ dusts are removed. This can be done using a brush and it should be done on a weekly basis. I recommend this because of its effectiveness in scrapping off those soils that may have stuck in the carpet fibers.
  • Chemicals: In certain cases, bacteria and other organisms that may be harmful may find the carpets a conducive habitat. Unless chemicals that repel them are used, they may never die. I believe these chemicals can be found in any of your supermarkets and stores in your local areas.
  • Heating: Things such as stains, oils and grease may not be easily removed by cold water. It takes high temperatures to remove such and I cannot doubt the fact that heat ranging from 100 to 120 degrees Celsius can help o about this.
  • Solvents: Equally, it is vital to dissolve substance like oil in chemical so they may be captured and removed. There is no doubt this may require some knowledge in chemistry or a bit of consultation.

As evidenced above, this process is simple and convenient as one just needs his/her hands to get the job done. The economy is challenging and unless one learns to save through following these tips, the pressure of sustaining our livelihoods while at the same time enjoying the beauty of our environment cannot be withstood. I strongly recommend these tips and techniques for an easy and cheap carpet cleaning. The machine way of vacuuming would not be essentially needed if these skills were well mastered. Once again, it is not worthy that, the cleaning should be regularly done.

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