Pros and Cons of Upgrading to a Backpack Vacuum

A backpack vacuum cleaner is generally a modification of the traditional upright vacuum. It is a modified canister vacuum which is designed to rest comfortably on the back of the user. It is usually fitted with waist and shoulder straps to help hold the vacuum securely in the back of the user while allowing maximum ease of use.

If you are looking for a cleaner either industrial, commercial or just a home cleaner, you have to choose something that is user friendly. Backpack vacuum cleaners, like those reviewed on Floor Executives, have secured their place in the cleaning market due to their endless advantages over the upright or pull- along vacuums. Here we are going to outline the pros and cons of switching to backpack over the other options.


  • They are fitted with long hose attachments which prevents operators from constantly bending forward during cleaning and this helps reduce possible back strain risk by the cleaners.
  • They also come with inbuilt large dust bags which give room for large waste storage and this reduces frequent breaks by the cleaner to empty the waste which in turn increases productivity.
  • They are battery operated which increases portability since the cleaners are not restrained by the length of the electrical codes.
  • The suction power allows the cleaning of large surfaces in one pass which in turn saves on time and energy.
  • They have low noise levels which increases user comfort and also reduces disturbance when cleaning is done during work hours.
  • They are also fitted with a HEPA filtration method which facilitates the capture of fine particles such as dust mites, allergens and dust which in turn improves the air quality thus creating healthy environment in our homes or in the offices.
  • These cleaners have a high cleaning ability and are believed to clean four times faster than the normal pull -along models.


  • If they are not properly worn, they can cause a back strain on the cleaner.
  • Some backpack vacuums produce heat when in use and this may make the cleaner uncomfortable.
  • They are less compact compared to the upright models which makes their storage difficult.
  • They have a high cost compares to their upright counterparts and are thus are not easily affordable. They are thus considered efficient for commercial use.

A backpack vacuum is one of the cleaning products that you should have in your office or home. These vacuums are fit for use in different places including hospitals, offices, schools, industrial units, and even in garages.

They take care of dirt and dust in a way that most other cleaning tools out there cannot. For those considering the purchase of the backpack vacuum cleaner, here are the top rated among them, the quartervac super ProTeam, hover shoulder c2401 vac pro and Oreck 6 quart XLPRO6A XL.

Using any of the 3 mentioned above and your cleaning time will turn out to be enjoyable than you might think!


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